Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Aunt Nell's letter to Peggy abt Hazel

I hope you all are well and Happy and that you are rested some and that you relize that Leo is now at rest, as he did have the problum of memory.

Peggie, I have a worry about Hazel memory it is so bad and sad the other day she found a brown teddy bear that Bruce played with and she took the compleat morning carrying it she sewed it ear on meded its paw dressed it and talked all morning about it what I am--trying to tell you is that what ever she has on her mind at a time is all. And small thing she cant rember we spend some time each day looking for things in the kitchen she changes the drawers and cupboards around so often like yesterday A.M. I thought she was going to sew when I came in she had all the dishes out of the cup board to clean it what she does she does so well but has trouble getting on to the next thing. she has not shown no effects of for-getfullness while driveing but her memory is bad. And when she is working sewing ironing makeing cookies or what ever it is she want to be alone no disturbance.

I am wee have had a little trouble of dissyness. Guess I eat to many sweets...


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