Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Funeral Arrangements

The cemetery had specific rules involving the space marker(s) took. Leo had a military marker. There wasn't enough room left for Florence to have a separate marker. She chose to pick another marker for them both. The one she liked the most reminded her of her childhood in Colorado.

Pat, Barbara, Leo and Kathleen met at the Mortuary to make the plans for the funeral. Florence originally wanted to have the funeral in the chapel of her church. She believed this would save expenses, but this was not so, as transportation costs to the chapel would cost the same as having the service at the mortuary. Another member of her congregation died and their family had already reserved the chapel for the day Florence's family selected to have her funeral.

They also went to a church clothing store to purchase the burial clothes worn by people of Florence's faith.

It was also needed to make a visit to the cemetery to make arrangments to open and close the grave.

Florence's congregation arranged for a meal to be taken to her home after the service.

What Florence did not mark to go to a specific family member was selected on the rotation basis of:
Pat, Barbara, Leo, Kathleen
Pat, Barbara, Leo, Colleen
This was also to be done with the pictures. However, some were taken before this process started. Fortunately, there are duplicates and the whereabouts of most were known and shared for this history.


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