Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Obituary-Richard Dennis Barlow

Richard Barlow, a ten Year Old Boy,
Drowned in a Small Lake Near
Adelaide Park While Play-
ing on a Raft.

Yesterday afternoon Coroner James Nelson was notified by telephone that a boy was drowned at Adelaide park, and he immediately repaired to the scene where the sad accident had taken place. Before the coroner reached the park the body had been taken from its watery grave and carried to one of the houses in the neighborhood.

A gentleman who resides near the park, and who was one of the first to reach the pond after the body was taken out, told a reporter of this paper the circumstances. He stated that the boys who lived at Adelaide had constructed a rafts, out of old pieces of boards and poles, and were in the habit of sailing it on this pond, which is about 150 feet long by 100 feet wide and situated a little north of Adelaide. Richard Barlow, with some other companions came to the pond in the afternoon and he got on raft, and paddled to the center. While there the raft began to tip over and the little fellow getting scared, jumped into the water, no doubt thinking that he could easily touch bottom and walk to shore. But the water was deeper than he thought and, not being able to swim, he was drowned. His companions, who were sitting on the bank, said that they saw poor little Richard come to the surface five times and then sink forever. They were powerless to render assistance but ran as fast as they could and notified some men who were at Adelaide. They immediately respoonded but were too late to render assistance. One of them took the raft and went to the spot where the poor boy had sunk and succeded in bringing the remains to the surface. The pond is from twelve to fifteen feet deep.

Richard Barlow was 10 years of age and the son of Mr. John Barlow, blacksmith at the Colonel Sellers mine. The sympathy of the community is extended to the parents at the sad lose they have suffered.
(Paper and date not included on family copy of newspaper obituary)

NOTE:Richard Barlow died 29 June 1889 and was buried in St. Joseph's cemetary. Richard and brother John left home telling their mother they were going to get evergreens to decorate for July 4th. The boys dared Richard to jump and swim, tauting him. His younger brother John attempted to swim out to him, but, while risking his safety, was not able to reach him.


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