Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Silversword Holiday Tour

and other events from Florence's travel book

October 5, 1968 Saturday

Hopped bus to business area

Then took bus to rainbow falls.

Stopped at Kreggs variety store and bought a lace wind bonnet. Open air buses.

Got back to Hotel about 5 P.M.

Went to the Japanese/American restaurant. Steak with rice and green salad. Ice cream Sunday. $6.11.

Back to the hotel. Just got in tub and Leo T. called. Wrote girls each a card.

October 6, 1968 Sunday


After eating a delicious buffet breakfast $3.00 each we left for our tour at 9:45. Headed for Kona. Saw many miles of Lava rock. Stood at the edge of the volcano which erupted this year and still has vapor coming from it.

Went through a small settlement where Mark Twain lived and saw a tree he had planted. We didn't eat lunch. Saw so many beautiful trees and flowers.

Arrived at Hotel Kamehameha Kona about 4:30.

Had dinner at a restaurant (Fish dinner $7).

Sat pool patio and watched the torch lighting event. Talk with a couple from New Hampshire.

Retired at 10:45 after a bath.

October 7, 1968 Monday

Went on tour of Kono district at 9:45 A.M. Had seen some of this the day before. We saw the Catholic Church with paintings on wall-painted by priest many years ago. Saw City of refuge with 12 ft walls.

Arrived back at the hotel about 12:30.

Had Hamburger, orange drink. Finished up with a milk shake.

Left for the airport to go to Main (she is referring to the Main Island).

Most hotels are 31 miles from airport.

October 8, 1868 Tuesday

Left at 9 for tour.

Saw the Needle Volcano Mountain, old fort and Banyon tree.

Left for airport at 4:10, arriving Honolulu at 4:30


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